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Masonry seawall repairs are very different from common masonry repairs and should only be undertaken by someone with the experience and knowledge of Steve Kady Masonry Construction.

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Please, call us with details on your project.  

As every project is unique we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your project.

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There are many types of materials and chemical additives involved to increase bonding, strength and ability, with which we are knowledgeable of.  We incorporate time tested methods with modern materials and techniques to create an finished project which will stand the test of time.
Masonry seawall repiars present unique challenges. Most seawalls are submersed twice a day, so strength and quality of materials is of utmost importance.  Additonally, every seawall has been constructed differently dependent on the "era"/year the seawall was built, this requires special expertise to not only improve the functionality, but to improve or enhance the appearance.
With 40  years experience (and counting), the vast knowledge of materials and equipment necessary used to repair a seawall, Steve Kady Masonry Construction is the one to trust with your seawall repair or seawall construction project.  Unlike common masonry repairs.  
We have a good working relationship with local marine contrators and engineers to accomplish even the most complicated projects.
Special knowledge of working hand in hand with town and state governments, including building inspectors, Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation Commissions. 
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Click here to see BBB profile
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